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What is the average cost of building a house in USA?

The average cost to build a home is just over $282,000, according to HomeAdvisor, but volatile supply costs have made predicting the cost of building a home especially challenging over the past two years. Keep in mind: You’ll need to buy the land, too, and account for the time it’ll take to complete a house. The average house took 8.2 months to finish in 2021, according to the Census.

The most significant cost determinant? You guessed it: It's the size of your dream home. Simply put, the bigger the build, the more materials and labor costs you should expect. The cost to build a new house is about $150 per square foot, and the average new home constructed in the U.S. is approximately 2,200 square feet. A simple omission like an extra bathroom or pantry can greatly affect your pocketbook.

Source: MSN and HomeAdvisor Would like to find more about Real Estate Stats and Trends, contact me today!

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