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Orlando is among the best cities to invest in the US

New forms of investment appear every day, but the fact is that real estate has always been and will continue to be a safe and profitable investment alternative for your money.

Recently, an American survey ranked the best real estate markets for first-time buyers, taking into account the value of the financing installment and down payment, profitability forecast, among others. Orlando topped the list as the best city to invest in the US, followed by Tampa, located in the same state, the state of Florida.

The fact is, whether for a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, Orlando is now the best city to invest in the United States.

The city receives an average of 60 million visitors every year, that is, ten times more than Brazil received from foreign tourists in 2014 (the year of the World Cup). This makes Orlando one of the cities with one of the biggest vacation rental markets in the world.

In addition to the strong tourist potential, Orlando also surprises with the profitability of the real estate market. According to the Orlando Regional Association of Realtors, the year 2017 had a notable growth in the sale of properties in the region and in their appreciation. If comparing the value of properties in November 2017 with the same month of the previous year (2016), the increase was 8%.

Not by chance, Brazilians are among the biggest investors in the state of Florida. In 2015, we ranked second in the ranking of foreigners who invested the most in real estate in the Orlando area and third in the entire state of Florida. (Source: National Association of Realtors).

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