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Consider Orlando as Investment for your Rental Property

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

There are a lot of people today who would like to invest in real estate, but prices in the city they live in are too high, or the returns are too low.

The good news is that with long-distance real estate investing, you can find plenty of places to buy a rental property where prices are low and cash flow is strong. Most of these places have the same things in common, including good job markets, rising rents, and increasing property values.

Orlando Stats for rental properties:

  • Home value: $325,415

  • 1-year price growth: 21.3%

  • Median rent: $2,168

  • 1-year rent growth: 24%

  • Job growth: 0.1%

  • Population: 307,573

  • Population growth 1-year: 0.6%

  • Population growth 10-year: 29%

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